Saturday, November 30, 2013

Suggestions for the Non-Dealer in Bridge

From what combination of cards is your partner leading? Remember the high cards that he holds. The lead of a King, for instance, shows you that partner has the Ace, the Queen, or both. The lead of a Jack indicates the top of a suit. The lead of a seven, eight, or nine probably means the highest card of a short suit. Don't draw rigid inferences from the dealer's play; he will endeavor to deceive you by playing false cards. If it is an original make, your own and the dummy hand will help you to infer what trumps or high cards the dealer holds. If the dealer seems backward in leading trump he is probably aiming to ruff with the weak hand and a trump lead from you may prevent this. Try to understand your partner's discards. You can then protect the suit in which he is weak, and, if necessary, unguard honors in the suit in which he has shown strength. When partner returns your lead in No-trump, notice carefully the card that he plays. It will help you to place the suit and prevent your leading to a possible tenace in the dealer's hand.