Sunday, August 24, 2014

Leads Out of Turn

If either of the dealer's adversaries lead out of turn, the dealer may call the card erroneously led, or may call a suit when it is the turn of either adversary to lead.

If the dealer lead out of turn, either from his own hand or dummy, he incurs no penalty; but he may not rectify the error after the second hand has played.

If any player lead out of turn and the other three follow him, the trick is complete and the error cannot be rectified; but if only the second, or second and third play to the false lead, their cards may be taken back; there is no penalty against anyone except the original offender, who, if he be one of the dealer's adversaries, may be penalised as above.

In no case can a player he compelled to play a card which would oblige him to revoke.

The call of an exposed card may be repeated at every trick until such card has been played.

If a player called on to lead a suit have none of it, the penalty is paid.

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