Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Rules for Declaring Trump in Bridge

The trump is declared. No card is turned.
  • The dealer may either make the trump or pass the declaration to his partner.
  • If the declaration be passed to partner, he must make the trump.
Should the dealer's partner make the trump without receiving permission from the dealer, the eldest hand may demand,
1st. That the trump shall stand, or
2d. That there shall be a new deal.

But if any declaration as to doubling, or not doubling, shall have been made, or if a new deal be not claimed, the declaration wrongly made shall stand. The eldest hand is the player on the left of the dealer.

Should the dealer's partner pass the declaration to the dealer it shall be the right of the eldest hand to claim a new deal or to compel the offending player to declare the trump; provided, that no declaration as to doubling has been made.

If either of the dealer's adversaries make or pass the declaration, the dealer may, after looking at his hand, either claim a new deal or proceed as if no declaration had been made.

A trump declaration once made cannot be altered.

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